Linuo Group
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        Linuo Group was established in 1994, under the jurisdiction of Norit Group, Photovoltaic Group, Power Group, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical, Hongjitang Ejiao, Linuo Pharmaceutical, Linuotel Glass, Wuhan Shuanghu, Wuhan Organic 9 The Second Group, [1] is located in Linuo Sunshine Science and Technology Park, Wuhan Linuo Chemical Park, Linuote Glass Industrial Park, Jinan Chemical and Pharmaceutical Park, Shanghai Linuo Industrial Park, etc. Source Pharmaceutical, Hongjitang 3 listed companies. [1] Establish branches or branch offices in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, India, etc. [1] Products are sold throughout the country and more than 100 countries and regions on five continents.